Access Keys

Access keys are available for use on this website. If your web browser supports access keys, you can access the below pages by holding down the modifier and the relevant key. Below are a list of the access keys which can be used to view particular pages on the website.

  • h - Homepage
  • a - About Windmill Coaches
  • s - Services
  • q - Coach hire quote
  • c - Contact
  • m - Main content
  • 0 - Accessibility statement
  • 2 - Sitemap

The modifier key is likely to either by ctrl or alt depending on your web browser. Wikipedia lists browsers supporting access keys and which modifier key to use in combination. For example, using Internet Explorer a user would press alt + c simultaneously in order to navigate to the contact page.


Many features and design decisions have been put in place in order to help make the website accessible for all users. Below is a selection of just some of the action taken to support accessibility:

  • Relative font sizes which can be resized from within the browser
  • Alternative text provided for all images for visually impaired users
  • Use of style sheets for design which can be disabled or replaced with user defined style sheets
  • Skip to main content link for users who cannot easily use a mouse
  • Colour choice made with awareness of colour blind users

Coach hire quote

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